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When our children were young, I told them to, “Pick one thing and give it your best effort.” I didn’t care if it was athletics, academics, 4-H or vocational agriculture, or even a hobby. They knew that they were expected to be their best at just “one thing”.


At Milburn American Wagyu (MAW) our “one thing” is developing high-quality Wagyu Replacement Heifers. For many years, we ran Angus cow/calf pairs. We still maintain a handful of quality Angus "Super Mommas" in our F1 and recip herds. In the Wagyu breed, I believe that maternal traits have been overlooked in the pursuit of more marble, and larger carcass. In our Wagyu “Super Momma” Program, we are focused on Milk, Maternal Calving Ease, Heifer Pregnancy Rates, and Docility. We are improving these qualities without sacrificing marble and carcass.
If we can continue to make progress at the current rate, MAW Super Momma heifers will soon be widely available and highly sought after as well.

We will continue to sell Angus-cross steers until the Wagyu steers become available. We are currently taking orders for 2024. 2023 is sold out. Due to overwhelming demand we are now selling Wagyu seedstock genetics (semen and embryos). Our frozen genetics inventory changes often. Please call to check on availability. Or, watch our Facebook page for details.

Wagyu Replacement Heifers

Super Momma Program

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Meet the
Milburn Family

It's Where We Call Home.

We have collaborated with an array of wonderful clients on the most rewarding of projects, whether it was with Roto Grind or our beef production. 

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